On the road to Maracanã stadium

Check out here the games schedule, instructions to get to Maracanã and a flavourous selection of drink and eat spots to try before or after the matches


On match days, the area around Maracanã will be closed to traffic and even vans and tourist coaches will be banned. The metro (R$ 3.20) and the new BRT bus service are the best options. Each of the following metro stations, São Francisco Xavier, Maracanã and São Cristóvão, will be linked to a particular sector of the stadium. The stops in the express BRT corridor (fare R$ 3.00) are Alvorada, Vicente de Carvalho (connection with the metro), Fundão and Tom Jobim. The initial fare for taxis is R$ 4.80 plus R$ 1.95 (meter 1) and R$ 2.34 (meter 2) per kilometer.

A law banning alcohol will come into force in a one-kilometer radius around the Maracanã stadium on match days. Some of the best bars in the city are located just outside this limit. The Praça da Bandeira square has three of them. Aconchego Carioca, owned by Kátia Barbosa, the famous creator of a little fried snack called feijoada, is also known for its beer list. On the other side of the street, Bar da Frente has a hearty list of cold beers and inspiring appetizers, such as the porquinho de quimono, a portion of harumaki filled with pork rib and soft cheese with herbs. The attractions in the Botto Bar are the 20 draught beers on tap, including national and foreign brands. In Andaraí, which is a bit further away, the Bar da Gema is a laboratory of surprises offering dishes such as the fried polenta with meat stew. An unusual alternative is the Primeira Pá, a member of the Rio de Janeiro Chinese Cultural Association, which has attractive prices and typical dishes such as the Peking duck.

? Aconchego Carioca. Rua Barão de Iguatemi, 379, ☎ 21-2273-1035

? Bar da Frente. Rua Barão de Iguatemi, 388, ☎ 21-2502-0176

? Bar da Gema. Rua Barão de Mesquita, 615, ☎ 21-3549-0857

? Botto Bar. Rua Barão de Iguatemi, 205, ☎ 21-3496-7407

? Primeira Pá. Rua Gonçalves Crespo, 450, ☎ 21-2293-2653

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